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Clubs And Schools

Please review this list to determine if your school is endorsed by the Han Moo Kwan Association.  Training at these clubs is consistent with the association's methods, policies, and philosophy.  Any training offered outside these clubs is considered an experience of the art form provided by the instructor and is NOT endorsed by the Han Moo Kwan Association.  Students attend these sessions at their own risk.



Name:  Han Moo Kwan - Sunnyvale
Type:  Club (active)
Location: Sunnyvale, California  USA
Host:  Lockheed-Martin Fitness Center
Contact:  See Their Web Site 


Name:  Big Island Han Moo Kwan
Type:  Private Academy (inactive)
Location: Hilo, Hawaii  USA
Proprietor:  Bob Rainie

Name:  Energy Based Defense
Type:  Private Academy (active)
Location: Sunnyvale, California  USA
Proprietor:  Brian Rainie

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